Bluefish 2.2.3 released

In Bluefish, open source on June 30, 2012 by oli4444

Last months we have worked on lots of small things in your favorite programming editor Bluefish, resulting in the 2.2.3 release. There are only few major changes: a corrupted state in the syntax scanner that could (very rare) lead to a segfault was fixed, code folding had major fixes and improvements, search had a few major fixes, printing with syntax highlighting was added, and a lorem ipsum generator was added.

Then we had lots of small things. The GUI was restructured in some areas, most notably the preferences dialog, but alsi in the the Tools menu and the HTML Tags menu, and some shortcut key combinations were added.

As I pointed out in one of my previous posts we did work on some visibility features, such as a bigger cursor and cursor highlighting, and some options were improved such as zoom and the custom colors.

External commands had some changes such as better cursor positioning after a filter has
been used, user supplied arguments for external commands (for example define a command chmod %a %f so you can add the mode when you activate the menu entry), and an option to restore the default commands. While writing this post I just found the first regression in 2.2.3: the help text that explains all options for external commands has disappeared…

[edit: after opening the dialog again I realized that the help text is moved into a tooltip to save screen space, so it did not just dissapear]

On the multi-platform front: the broken shortcut key S was fixed on OSX, and file recovery was fixed on Windows.

On the web front some dialogs were added for HTML5, the thumbnail generator was fixed, and insert color, path and relative path have been added.

Many language files were improved, and more user configurable options have been added to most language files. For example if you want functions to auto-complete with a semi-colon appended, or if you want a block from square brackets to be foldable. Unfortunately these options require a Bluefish restart, because the language files need to be reloaded and re-compiled into a DFA table for these settings to take effect.

A new feature: you can now select a block of text by dragging the mouse in the margin, and move the selected block with <ctrl><up> and <ctrl><down>.

Now get Bluefish here!


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  1. this articles is so iovely that explains all options for external commands has a days many files are improved.thanks for sharing.

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