Generating language definition files from xml schema’s

In Bluefish, open source, Programming on August 27, 2012 by oli4444

The Bluefish syntax scanner / auto-completion engine can deal pretty well with xml style languages. You can create a language definition file such that only the correct attributes for a tag are highlighted and auto-completed, and only the correct hierarchy of tags is highlighted / auto-completed. Not everything is supported however: entities are for example not expanded, and the syntax scanner is not tag-order-aware (and xml is tag-order-aware).

A while ago Daniel Leidert came up with the idea to generate language definition files on demand from DTD’s, relax-ng or xml schema files. I started prototyping some ideas, and I have some basics scripts in python now that can handle simple DTD’s and slightly more advanced relax-ng files. However, the scripts are not good enough to parse the XHTML DTD and XHTML Relax-NG definition (yet).

For the impatient, the current scripts can be found here:


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